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In 1975, Rien Boom started the company with a single vehicle, with which the containers were transported within the Netherlands. We have since grown into a company with 25 own and 10 chartered vehicles, which ship 18,000 containers throughout Europe per year.
In order to always be able to find an appropriate solution for any given transport problem, we also work with a group of good and reliable transport colleagues in addition to our own fleet.
All our trucks are standard equipped with an alarm, cargo ADR kit, king pin locks and container locks. We place the highest demands on this. We have a workshop where we, among other things, carry out maintenance on our chassis.
For container trucking, we have the following at our disposal:

  • 30 multi-purpose chassis for the transport of 1x20/2x20/1x40/1x45HC
  • 8 combination chassis for the transport of 2x20 with dock unloading facilities and 2x20 1x20/1x40
  • 10 chassis for tandem transport
  • deep loading trailers for the transport of overheight/overwide containers

Of these, 18 vehicles are equipped with GenSet for the transport of temperature-controlled reefer containers, while our warehouse also has 5 terminals for these containers.
For loading and unloading, we have the following at our disposal:

  • certified personnel
  • forklift loading/unloading bridge
  • secure site with warehouse (600 m2 of storage space)



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Good Distribution Practices

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